The Old Fashion Flea Market LLC operates as an on-line flea market. It was established in 2020 and operates in Pennsylvania.

Our vision is to provide items that are unique, one of a kind treasures that are collectible or need to be given a new life. Also, being an internet business, we want to provide access to other vendor's merchandise by providing a market place.

The merchandise provided can be old, vintage, used, new, manufactured or homemade by local artisans.

We will be adding merchandise regularly as we travel rural Pennsylvania in search of obtaining the unique, the different, and the hard to find lost treasures.

Pennsylvania has a sales and use tax.

Pennsylvania's use tax, at the same rate as sales tax, is due on taxable purchases of tangible personal property or specified services used or consumed in Pennsylvania where no sales tax is paid to a vendor. For example, the purchase may have been made out-of-state. The purchaser is responsible for this tax.

Other states also have a use tax. Purchasers should check with their tax consultant for advice on reporting any use tax.