Royal Copenhagen Holiday Plates

“The Christmas plates from Royal Copenhagen have been issued every year since 1908, each one with a unique motif. The relief for the motif is handmade by the most talented modelling artists based on the designer’s drawing, and the plates are produced with utmost respect for the proud tradition of the craft.“

“Royal Copenhagen Collectibles is a tradition loved by many. Every year, a new motif tells a tale of Danish cultural heritage, and the blue collectibles along with the loveable Santa and Christmas tree figurines have adorned homes for generations.”

Old Fashion Flea Market now has six of these collectible holiday plates available

1977 Immervad Bro

1978 Greenland Scenery

1979 Choosing The Christmas Tree

1981 Admiring The Christmas Tree

1982 Waiting For Christmas Tree

1984 Jingle Bells

These Holiday Plates can be viewed in their collection at

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