Literary Rescue

There are many things people can rescue. The most obvious are animals. Some people rescue old buildings and restore them to their previous glory. However, I wonder how many people rescue vintage books and spare them from a trip to a landfill. I found a few books that were published over a hundred years ago. They are:

Lovely Mary written by  Alice Hegan Rice and copyrighted in 1903.

Kibun Daizin or From Shark-Boy To Merchant Prince by Gensai Murai published in 1904.

The Friendly Road - Adventure in Contentment by David Grayson copyrighted in 1929.

Ship’s Company written by W. W. Jacobs published in 1911.

Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope copyrighted in 1945.

I realize that we now live in a throwaway society but that does not mean everything should be disposable. Do your part and rescue a book today.

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