Final Days of Christmas 2020

We all know that this year has not been “normal”, Because of COVID-19 with requests to stay at home, quarantines, lock-downs and business customer restrictions, this year’s Christmas shopping has also been different. Even the small hometown brick and mortar stores and hometown on-line entrepreneurs have experienced a shift in how customers shop. They are shopping via phone , text, emails and on-line with their local stores and wanting those orders shipped. If you have seen the news then you know shippers like Fedex and UPS  have stopped picking up packages from major retailers. Also, the Postal Service has a ”backlog of packages” to be delivered. This means that not all the presents will be under the tree on Christmas Day and this will not be a  “normal” Christmas as we remember. With that being said continue to shop at your local hometown stores they (we) need your support.

However, in 2020 we can create a “New Normal”. When those packages do arrive, wrap them and place them under the tree so that they are there the next morning. This way you can continue the “magic” of Christmas for days afterward. As a parent you can get creative with the reasons why presents keep popping up under the tree. For example, Santa found it under the seat of his sleigh and had to make a second trip or the Christmas Elves hid it or to be honest, say “this is the way, it is 2020”.

From everyone associated with Old Fashion Flea Market we wish you a Merry Christmas.

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